Car Pets – Patio

Album design for ‘Patio’ by Car Pets.

The proces of this design was emergent, as is mostly the case in my work. I try to work with what comes to me and what speaks directly to me. The band Car Pets (of which I’m the lead singer and guitarist) had recorded seven songs and they connect through three ‘arches’ musical ‘skits’. I was struggling a little in the the design for the album, all the drawings I made were ‘empty’, they did not speak to me. I was looking for an impluse.

Tapestry #1’ (2018) 48cm x 32cm.

I had worked with fabric before and was strolling a fabricmarket and found this garment with a nice color. A few garments of blue/green-ish and in combination with a gold fabric it looked really sexy. This had set my mind and inspiration running.

Still I had not found exactly what kind of shapes and imagery I was looking for. At first I was thinking of making a flag or a banner, but then I realised I could make a item of clothing and I could wear the ablumcover an make a picture of us wearing the fabric. This was going somewhere, but I had no idea how to make and sew an item of clothing.

At the Domestic Botanist (Marije Hellwich)

I took the garments to Marije Hellwich of the Domestic Botanist and together we worked of three items. A vest, a drape and a sash. I took what we made home and worked on the design which I was planning to embroid and sew with the gold fabric. I was inspired by the medieval versions of patio’s and the illustrator from back then. Also the clothing and weird modetrends of the dark ages.

I initially liked the image of the flame a lot. But we already decided that the albumtitle was ‘Patio’ I felt some unease with the flame as a leading symbol. Then I made this very tiny drawing (top right corner):

This is eventually the symbol that suited the album in my perspective. I like the simplicity of it. Eventually the sash was most usable as a cover image. The photograph wasn’t a strong enough image I could keep in my mind that would work, so I decided that we would try and make a photo of us (the band) wearing the garments but would use the sash as a main cover image. I tried to embroid the words on it, but it was terrible:


I asked my lovely girlfriend Sanne Dietz to embroid the letters and she did a fantastic job! I thought it would be cool if the sash would be the entire cover (front and back) of the album. I incorporated images from music videos for Directed and Concrete Corner in this design, Jaya Pelupessy made a good usable picture of the sash:

In Jaya Pelupessy’s studio.

Well in time for the release we had pictures taken by our trusted photographer Willem Verweijen. wearing the items and incorporating the picture in the album design.

The location I scouted resembled the kind of patio I had in mind. Me wearing the sash, Tijmen the vest and Paul the drape.

Suzanne Nijssen helped bring the patio-logo to life by making a little sculpture of it!