Isometric perspective!
‘Steady’ Ed wished he was a frisbee, so he had his ashes poured into the fisbee machine🤖.
I animated this weird trivia in the joyful style of Vox. (
Song: Parquet Courts – Already dead
An animation of the font called Brahms and the house the composer grew up in.

Animation of one of my favorite Kramer moments. Seinfeld season 8 episode 8.

Dock Boggs – Oh Death (short animation)
Small animation about one of the most fascinating musicians of the old folk-tradition. Dock Boggs worked as a coal miner and musician.
Showreel July 2019.

2019. Music by DJ Hagy
Editing and effects by Niek Pronk.

2019. Music by Car Pets.
Animation by Niek Pronk.

2018.  Music by Car Pets. Video camera: Willem Verweijen & Niek Klaverstijn. Lyrics and video edit by Niek Pronk

2018, Music Car Pets. Editing and title design by Niek Pronk. Footage: internet archive

2018. Music Car Pets. Lyrics and video by Niek Pronk

For the interactive version of this clip go to:

2016. Animation by Niek Pronk. Music by Niek Pronk, Paul Rijnbeek and Tijmen Ruizendaal (Car Pets).

2015. Music and animation by Niek Pronk.